Free Shipping as in Free Next Day Shipping… My online purchasing for my MCAT book

Free Shipping as in ?

I had to take the MCAT and I wanted the most effective prep book that dollars can invest in. I began my look for the MCAT Prep Book. I certain do know of this enterprise Examkrackers so I started at their website. I located the book ?th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Study Package (MCAT Prep)?whose ISBN ten is 1893858677 and ISBN 13 is 9781893858671. It contained all of the subjects so I didn’t need to have to buy them separately. Following reading the evaluations, I was certain it was the comprehensive preparation for my MCAT exam.

On the Examkrackers internet site, I was shocked to find out that they are promoting this book at $199.95. Which is the suggested retail cost and there was no discount being presented for the poor college student which include myself. I began looking online and I located that Barnes & Noble was promoting this at $143.96, which is 28% off retail value. This was good and definitely cheaper than $199.95, so it was a step in the right direction. But I am shopper especially when I am buying a $200 book. So I set my next sights on Amazon and they are selling this for $134.04 which is 33% off retail value. This was a better price and I was feeling happier as my search progressed.

I then recalled a friend had suggested to check out Prepbooks. I searched for their site and I found it pretty neat. They have a huge selection of books and music, but this time, I am only interested in the MCAT Study package. I really have to have to study for my exam and I want to remain focused.

I searched for my ?th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Study Package?and the book pulled up for Lancel Premier Flirt Vente $133.83. That is the lowest price tag for this study package. I wanted to continue searching because I wanted to see who else is promoting this for less. As I was moving on to my next search, I noticed Prepbooks banner around the web site for ree Next Day Shipping? I then pulled up the coupon code and went to my cart, and applied it to the MCAT Study Package. I was shocked that $18 of shipping was reduced to sac lancel $0. I was gonna get my book the next day for just the cost of the book? I am a fan of free shipping, but I am not confident about this free next day shipping. I took my chances and ordered the book hoping they will follow through on this commitment.

The very next day I received my MCAT Study Package. I had ordered this on Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST and the UPS man brought it to me the very next day at 10:00 AM EST. This is a whopping 20 hours to deliver my book. I was really shocked how heavy this box was (11.4 lbs box) for it to arrive literally the very next day AND with free shipping. It was packed with bubblewrap and it was very secure in the box. My book was flawless. There were no dents and no signs of anyone else handling my book other than the person who bagged it. I could not be any more satisfied on this purchase. It was an unbelievable experience and being so happy about this, I wanted to write this article. As long as they keep up with this 20 hour shipping for free, I will certainly be buying all my textbooks and books from their site.

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